Too Bright to Hear

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“[Greyson Todd] is interesting and complex... You'd think he'd be a difficult character to love—he abandons his family, he's unpredictable. But we can understand his rationales; we know that he's not a villain.... His disarmingly dark, dry sense of humor made me laugh out loud several times.... We are deftly led through his erratic trains of thought, and suddenly we are with him in the irrational, sometimes violent place, and oddly, we understand how we got there.”
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-NPR, All Things Considered
“A fine, sharp-tongued debut... [Greyson Todd] shades toward the antihero, asking you to hate him nearly as much as he hates himself. He offers little quarter for the timid. Still, I could not help emerging from Garey's first novel with a deep sympathy for Greyson and admiration for his creator.... Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See is a novel deeply wrapped around its subject, but it has its sights on grander themes—namely, how to survive in a world not made for you.”
-The Los Angeles Times
“Juliann Garey, who has spoken openly about being bipolar herself, is a vivid and startling writer, and this novel shouldn't be relegated to the mental illness shelf unless it's also placed squarely in fiction and literature, where it will not only teach, it will shine.”
-Meg Wolitzer, author of The Interestings
“[Garey’s] tense, unsettling, and convincing portrait of mental illness... [makes] a dark novel glow.”
-Entertainment Weekly
“[Greyson Todd’s] voice is pure Robert Evans, at least the one the 'Chinatown' producer uses in his memoirs and the documentary 'The Kid Stays in the Picture,' one of a wry, self-aggrandizing, and self- deprecating tough-guy charismatic who is occasionally self-aware but at most times, dizzyingly not.... Garey’s descriptions of the thoughts and actions of someone suffering from bipolar disorder are genuinely scary, and Todd’s recollections of his studio days are equally strong.... Garey delivers a genuinely harrowing story that, against all odds, is deeply enjoyable.”
-The Boston Globe
"Juliann Garey's Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See is a harrowing look at the demons that haunt a contemporary type we think we all know -- the male Hollywood studio executive -- and, as it turns out, don't know at all. It is a remarkably poised first novel, one that traverses its many locales with ease, all the while examining with unusual delicacy the vagaries of marriage and intimacy, not to mention the dizzying range of experience that comes along with mental illness. From its opening sentences right up until its heart-rending ending, it has you firmly in its grip in the way that only the most deeply-felt writing manages to do."
-Daphne Merkin, author of Dreaming of Hitler

Too Bright To Hear Too Loud To See: Juliann Garey
-The A.V. Club

“Juliann Garey's Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See... may be the first novel I have read that so brilliantly captures the effects of electro-convulsive therapy.... Her book is a testament to fortitude and imagination. And her prose, with its mixture of the poetic and the profane, illuminates the psyche of a bipolar man, who seeks not a Hollywood ending but a restoration of the "glimmer" of his faded past.”
-The Huffington Post
“You won’t be able to put down this exhilarating debut novel... Garey’s exploration of mental illness is brave and touching.”
Marie Claire
Quick Reviews of Notable New Books
-Real Simple
“Garey turns the talent up too high in this masterpiece about a man trying to escape from his mind while his mind escapes from him. As heartbreaking as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and as hilarious as A Confederacy of Dunces, I think Garey is a genius.”
—Jennifer Belle, author of High Maintenance and The Seven Year Bitch
Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See is a brilliant first novel about love and madness, written with an assured grace.”
-Nancy Pearl
"Juliann Garey’s debut novel begins with its narrator doing something unforgivable."
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-The Phoenix
“Juliann Garey writes with stark, lucid power about the tumbling journey into madness and the agonizing climb back out. Her electric prose trembles and her images vibrate at the edges It’s essential writing — terrifying, exhilarating, absurd, achingly human and absolutely compelling.”
—Brian Yorkey, writer and lyricist Next to Normal
“Garey pulls no punches in her absorbing debut novel, a harrowing story of one man’s descent into madness and his painful struggle to recover. Garey evokes in stark detail the torment and raw suffering of mental illness. A compelling read.”
Library Journal—Starred Review
“Accomplished, gripping and straightforward. Garey breathes life into an uncomfortable and often misunderstood subject and creates a riveting experience.”
—Kirkus Reviews
“Greyson Todd is the most fully-realized fictional character I’ve come across in a while. The terrible exuberance of his mania and the devastation of his depressive episodes are perfectly rendered. Garey doesn’t shy away from the depths of her character’s pain, but scenes that could easily become gratuitous in lesser hands are rendered with restraint and grace. She excels at leading us down the rabbit hole…The writing is beautiful… Garey creates an atmosphere of exquisite tension.”
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-The Millions

“I‘m completely sold on this debut novel. Strap me down and give this novel to me in strong doses.”
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Quivering Pen Book Blog

Juliann Garey’s ‘Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See’: truly compelling
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“The manic schisms of a disordered mind begin with the wonderful contradictions in the title of this debut novel from Juliann Garey. And Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See just gets better from there. This is an important novel, an eye-opener, and, at times, a white-knuckle horror show in its depiction of mental illness.”
—David Abrams, Fobbit
“Brilliant. A racing, vertiginous read, harrowing and heart-breaking and humorous at once. Greyson Todd has a magnetic presence, from which it is extremely difficult to step away. And while at times this can be terrifying, even in the darkest of these pages, his trials are profoundly human.”
—Daniel Mason, best-selling author, The Piano Tuner
“A vividly written chronicle of one man‘s attempt to conquer his mental illness.”
“[Greyson Todd] offers little quarter for the timid.”
-Erie Times-News
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